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Welcome on Hélène Hivert's webpage ! I am an associate professor in Ecole Centrale de Lyon, and my research is led in the team MMCS of the Institut Camille Jordan (Lyon, France).

I work on numerical analysis for PDEs arising in physics and biology. In particular, I am interested in multi-scale schemes for kinetic equations and population models.

Submitted works

Accepted or published works


French agregation of mathematics

During the year I spent preparing the french agregation of mathematics, I wrote a document (in french) with all the lessons I worked on. To help the future candidates to prepare this competitive exam, I decided to give full acces to it. It is now widely used.

Contact : Ecole Centrale de Lyon - Département MI
                 Bâtiment E6 - Bureau 6225
                 36, avenue Guy de Collongue
                 69 134 Ecully CEDEX - France

                 helene [dot] hivert [at] ec-lyon [dot] fr

                 +33 (0)4 72 18 64 48